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High Power Laser Mirrors Handling


wholesale high efficiency laser grade optical mirrors


• Handle laser optics by the edges only, and with gloved hands. Oils from fingertips can permanently damage the optical surface or coating.

• Always wear powder free, clean room latex or Nitrile gloves when handling any laser optic. Finger cots are not recommended due to increased risk of making skin contact with the optic.

• Handle mirrors in a clean, temperature and humidity controlled laboratory environment.

• Never touch an optic with a metal tool as they can scratch surfaces and coatings. Use soft plastic tipped or bamboo tools that are specifically designed to be used with optics.

• Remove the optic from the case only when ready for mounting. Placing the optic on a table while you prepare a mount or other fixture can lead to accidental damage of the mirror.

• Only place the mirror in a fixture or mount that is specifically designed to hold an optic.

• Avoid talking or exhaling toward the laser mirror while handling as small droplets of moisture or saliva can land on the surface of the mirror and decrease performance.

• Never clean your laser mirror unless it is absolutely necessary. Optics do not need routine cleaning.


• Do not store mirrors unprotected, wrapped in lens paper, or loose with other optics.

• The case provided with the optic has been specifically designed to protect your optic. When not in use, return the mirror to its original case with the coated side down. Store case closed and in a clean environment.