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Lenses from Honour Optics



Today we are going to be talking about lenses and the various ones Honour Optics can manufacture. Honour Optics can manufacture lenses from 1mm up to 40 inch in diameter, and currently is giving great deals on lenses between 2 – 200mm. Honour Optics can generate and polish lenses using our CNC’s or using conventional methods. We can work with many different materials in the UV-NIR range and have a skilled team of opticians to help with custom designs. Some of the types of lenses we make on a regular basis are the following:



So, what is a lens? A lens is an optical device that uses refraction to disperse a beam of light. Many kinds of lens are manufactured for applications such as microscopy, life sciences, imaging, industrial, or defense. Simple lens consists of a single piece of material, whereas compound lens consist of several simple lens (elements) which are typically arranged along a common axis. Lenses can be shaped from glass or plastic using grinding and polishing or can be molded.