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Large LBO Fabrication And Stock

Honour Optics actually is a new company in optical and laser crystal fields, that seems we do not have any advantages. Hopefully, manufacture and stock LBO could be one of the advantages. Honour Optics specially manufactures large size LBO crystals and have the most common used on the stock. Honour Optics runs SHG and THG coatings almost every day, coatings and fabrications always could be combined for a saving purpose. This really helps a lot to control the cost and achieve the short lead time.

LBO is recognized as one of the expensive laser nonlinear crystal, especially for the big size. For Honour Optics, manufacturing LBO crystals are as common as manufacturing other standard optical parts such as windows, we don’t think there are any specials for LBO crystals. Make LBO cheaper but with excellent quality is our final mission, we are having confidence for this. There is no reason to worry about our quality, all the LBO crystals could be paid after tested and qualified.

1.High-quality LBO crystal.
2.Low material absorption.
3.IBS coating for high damage threshold.
4.SHG 10 x 10 x 15mm
5.THG 10 x 10 x 10mm
6.Always available from stock
7.Other sizes could be manufactured quickly as requested
8.Quality guarantee one-year standard
9.Unlimited lifetime guarantee for large and repeated orders

large sizecoated LBO nonlinear crystal