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Optical Prism

Prisms as one of optical parts are mainly blocks of optical glass with flat polished surfaces at precisely controlled angles to each other. Optical prisms are used to deflect, rotate, invert, disperse light or change the polarization of the incident beam.

High precision custom optical prism is applied to redirect or refract light at an appointed angle. Precise angles between the transparent and flat polished surfaces would depend on the type of applications required. Therefore, its design is a determining factor of how the beams interact with it. Right angle prism is one of the most commonly used Optical Prisms, which has its incoming light reflectance at 90 degrees.

Honour optics offers a wide range of customizable large size optical prism in a variety of designs, substrates from vision to IR and many coating options. Designs include standard Right Angle, Amici, Penta, Schmidt, Wedge, Anamorphic, Equilateral, Dove, or Rhomboid prisms, in addition to Corner Cube Retroreflectors or Light Pipe Homogenizing Rods. Anti-reflection coatings include MgF2, UV-VIS, UV-AR, VIS 0°, VIS-NIR, or multiple laser line options. Honour Optics is the professional optical prism manufacturer, purchasing laser grade optical prism and sale of custom optical prism assemblies, welcome to consult the price of wholesale custom UV and IR grade optical prism.

Optical Prisms are ideal for ray deviation, or for adjusting the orientation of an image. An Optical Prism’s design determines how light interacts with it. When light enters an Optical Prism, it either reflects off an individual surface or several surfaces before exiting or is refracted as it travels through the substrate. For example, when light enters a right angle prism, it reflects off a single surface, causing the light to redirect at 90°. When light enters a wedge prism, though, a change in substrate thickness causes the light to deviate through refraction.

Right angle prism (RectangularPrism)

Honour optics offer the high-precision rectangular prism, the conventional size is 12.7 and 25.4, it can also be customized according to customer demand, rectangular prism the incident surface is different, can make the light path deflection 90 ° or 180 °.

right angle prism

Pentagonal prism

Honour optics high precision custom optical prism offer the pentagonal prism according to customer specifications, which is normally coated with a reflective film to enhance the performance. The pentagonal prism deflects the incident beam 90 degrees from the image without creating an inverted or inverted image.

pentagonal prism

Dove Prisms

Depending on the Angle of rotation of the prism and the incident surface of the light, Dove prism can make the image rotate, stand upside down or reflect backward. Honour Optics offers Dove prism normally made of N-BK7 glass and UV grade fused silica and has high transmittance in the range of visible to near-infrared spectra.

dove prisms

Roof prism

Honour's roof prism is made according to customer specifications and can be used in applications that require images or laser beams to be deflected 90 degrees. When passing through a prism, the image is reflected from right to left and from top to bottom. The hypotenuse of the prism USES total internal reflection (TIR) to reflect the image passing through the prism.

roof prism

Porro prism

A refractive isosceles rectangular prism modifying the orientation of an image with the end plane facing the right Angle. In use, light enters the largest surface of the prism, passes through two full reflections of the bevel, and then penetrates the original incident plane. Because light enters and leaves in its normal state, the prism does not disperse. But after Paul prism of images will be turning 180 °, and the direction to the original enter, namely Paul prism has also changed the marching direction of 180 °. But because the image is reflected twice, the handedness is unchanged.

porro prism

Cube-corner prism

Bevel prism providing 4 different sizes of the light pass-through aperture. The prism passes through three times of total internal reflection, and the image or light will exit in the opposite direction from the original incident direction. Even if the incident Angle is not zero, image, or the light will be 180 ° reflect. The insensitivity to the incident Angle makes it an ideal optical element for backward reflection.

cube corner prism

Pelinbroca prism

The pelinbroca prism can be used to separate the harmonics of a laser beam or to compensate for group velocity dispersion. The reflection loss of P light is minimized by the light coming in and out of the prism at a near Brewster Angle. Because the beam before exit prism after a total internal reflection, so the incident beam and the beam Angle is 90 ° plus a small Angle caused by dispersion.

pelinbroca prism

The larger the wavelength, the smaller the dispersion. Honour Optics is the professional optical prism manufacturer, purchasing laser grade optical prism and sale of custom optical prism assemblies, welcome to consult the price of wholesale custom UV and IR grade optical prism.

Substrate Material All optical materials
Surface Figure λ /4 at 633nm before coating
Dimensional Tolerance + 0.00mm, - 0.25mm
Angular Deviation ± 3 minutes
Chamfer 0.35mm @ 45° typical
Coating Technology Electron beam multilayer dielectric
Antireflection Coating Single wavelength AR: R ≤0.25% Broadband AR: Ravg ≤0.50%
Surface Quality 20-10 Laser Quality on S1, S2, and bottom. Commercial polish on remaining sides.
Clear Aperture Exceeds central 85% of the dimension

Prisms are used to steer light: routing it to a new location, dispersing its wavelengths, or altering its image. Honour Optics customizable large size optical prism has a wide variety of prisms that have been carefully designed and manufactured for use in the most demanding applications. Honour Optics offer right angle and Porro prisms for retroreflection, and wedge prisms for beam deviation. Honour Optics also have Pellin Broca, equilateral, and isosceles Brewster prisms for dispersing light, and mounted anamorphic prisms for beam shaping. Honour Optics manufactures these prisms in a variety of materials to use at wavelengths from the UV to NIR.

Honour Optics provides optical prisms includes various shapes and configurations, such as right-angle, dispersing, roof, dove, retro-reflecting, Penta, and wedge prisms. We also offer the Pelinbroca prism.