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Aspherical Achromatic Lenses


Aspherized Achromatic Lenses are award-winning, cost-effective lenses featuring excellent correction for both chromatic and spherical aberrations. These lenses combine the superior image quality of aspheric lenses with the precision color correction of achromatic lens designs. This results in an economical means of meeting the stringent demands of today’s optical and visual systems. By incorporating Aspherized Achromatic Lenses into lens system designs, performance can be greatly increased in applications such as relays, condensing systems, high numerical aperture imaging systems, and beam expanders.

Aspherized Achromats are composed of glass optical lens elements bonded with a photosensitive polymer. The polymer is applied only on one face of the doublet and can be easily replicated in a short amount of time, providing the flexibility associated with typical multi-element components.

Unlike glass elements, however, Aspherized Achromatic lenses have a smaller operating temperature range of -20°C to +80°C. The material of the Aspherized Achromatic lens blocks DUV transmission, making Aspherized Achromatic lenses unsuitable for some applications. These lenses should be handled with care since they are not scratch resistant. Despite these limitations, the benefits of Aspherized Achromatic lenses remain substantial for a large variety of applications.